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Kady Berry is an encaustic artist, creating vibrant, tactile paintings. With a background in fashion design, Kady brings a unique perspective to her work merging the worlds of texture, colour and form.

Kady's fascination with encaustic art developed into a true passion. Her love for this ancient technique shines through in every piece, as she manipulates molten wax and pigments to craft intricate, multidimensional artworks that invite viewers to explore the depths of each layer. Through careful layering and innovative techniques, Kady creates a symphony of colours and textures that evoke a range of emotions and sensory experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the world of fashion, nature and personal experiences, Kady weaves stories within her encaustic works. The tactile quality of each piece beckons to be touched, encouraging a deeper connection between the audience and the art itself. Her dedication to pushing the boundaries of encaustic art has led to exhibitions and garnered a dedicated following of art enthusiasts.

Kady's artistic journey is a testament to the power of cross-disciplinary exploration. Her fusion of fashion design and encaustic art has resulted in a body of work that resonates on multiple levels, capturing the essence of emotions and experiences in a tangible, visually striking form.

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