Encaustic art is an ancient technique dating back to the fifth century BC, but don't let that put you off!

It starts with two ingredients, beeswax and resin. The resin is heated to the consistency of sticky toffee at which point the beeswax is added. They melt and combine to create a liquid medium. Pigments are blended with the medium to create the shades and hues so specific to Kady's work. Where most artists work wet to dry, Kady works hot to cold. Where most artists use a brush, you will see Kady wielding a blowtorch or an iron.


Kady Berry is an Irish artist living and working in the city of Cork. She studied Fashion Design in The Mallow College of Design and Tailoring where she won Design Student of the Year in her first year. 


Coming from a background in fashion greatly influences her style and approach to the way that she works. The fine detail, layering and textures that once influenced her designs are now the very essence of each carefully considered piece.


Working with encaustic, a wax based paint, she begins the drafting process. Layer upon layer is constructed. Within each of which are thoughtfully placed details. By applying heat to the wax, textures emerge and as the layers build, colours and patterns form, resulting in a vibrant, tactile paintings.